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Writing, Editing & Proofreading...from the heart

Open and honest communication, a passion for the work that I do and excellent service are the hallmarks of my approach to my writing and yours.



Essays, proposals, brochures, web content, columns, synopses, novels, songs, memoirs, short stories, poetry, or that letter you just can't bring yourself to write, all receive equal attention when they cross my desk. 

Twenty years writing experience, a BA in psychology and philosophy and eight years researching how we humans make and break the connections between each other are the tools that I bring to each and every project I undertake.

We can work in hard copy or electronically via email, iTunes, CD, Kindle or Skype.

Pensioner and student rates are available.

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Viking warriors drew on the Runes as an Oracle to chart their way across land and sea, to mark their place in the world and to call on the Divine. 


Taken from an ancient alphabet, each of the original twenty-four Rune Stones bear the mark of a single letter and each letter reflects a concept or deeper meaning. The Runic letter R is associated with communication, a journey, a union or reunion. For me, this is what writing is all about. When we read and write we come to a place of deep friendship and connection with our innermost and outermost selves. We formulate pictures and imaginings as the words of another become part of our own reality, and we draw from forces we rarely understand when we seek to give this gift to others. So often we are changed as a result of this process so as to become reunited with ourselves in deeper and more meaningful ways.

For those who love to read and wrestle this space will continue to fill with wonderful stories and ideas, along with plenty of opportunity for you to comment and debate.

For those who travel the writer’s path, this site can provide you with a chance to rest if you feel the time has come to hand your task to me for a while.

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 Krista Fuller - Rune Ink


  • "Krista's treatment of this sensitive subject matter is inspired. To complement her exhaustive research, she writes with great wit and a deep compassion that is informed by her o..."
    Dr George Blair-West
    Psychiatrist, Author of The Way of the Quest
  • "Krista is a brave and insightful writer who draws on her own personal story that makes her book a powerful resource for her reader. I believe her heartfelt words will help many ..."
    Cynthia Morton
    Author, Australian of the Year, Pride of Australia Medal

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